Intelligent angle class

The fourth generation intelligent CNC angle clearing machine is a special equipment for welding slag cleaning at 90 degree angle seams of PVC plastic doors and windows. The device uses the world's most advanced "Taiwan Yonghong Industrial Computer" as a hardware hub and the international advanced human-machine interface LCD LCD touch operation display, and equipped with the company developed and developed a dedicated cornering software (operating system support in Chinese/English bilingual display). Can be completed at the same time a variety of profiles welding angle facade, outer angle bevel, outer corner elliptical arc, upper and lower plane welds, inner angle internal plane welds, sealant strip grooves and inner flat weld parts of the all-round clean-up. According to different profiles can be set up to store 100 kinds of angle-clearing procedures, with high precision, high efficiency, high degree of automation advantages. Is a large, medium-sized PVC plastic doors and windows processing enterprises high-grade practical angle seam cleaning equipment