Smart angle class.

Fully automatic plastic doors and windows intelligent cornering lines are used to automatically complete the transport of plastic doors and windows rectangular frames (fans) and welding angle cleaning.
The device is controlled by an industrial computer and is equipped with dedicated cornering software developed by the Company (operating system supports bilingual display in Chinese/English). Qing angle unit is equipped with university servo drive system, variable frequency speed high-speed spindle, to achieve a variety of plastic doors and windows of various profiles weld angle facade, outer angle bevel, outer angle elliptical arc, upper and lower plane welds, inner angle internal plane welds, sealant strip grooves and internal plane welds site all-round cleaning. According to different profiles can be set up to store 100 kinds of angle-clearing procedures, with perfect functions, easy to operate, fast speed, high precision, high efficiency, high degree of automation advantages. Unique mechanical design, with any plastic doors and windows welding equipment on the back-line, to achieve fully automatic unmanned cornering operation, can save 3-4 people. Great savings in labor costs. Is a large, medium-sized PVC plastic doors and windows processing enterprises high-grade practical angle seam cleaning equipment