Shandong Lundu Group Co., Ltd.

Located in Shandong Province Industrial Park - Jinan Mayor Qing District Wande Industrial Park South Park.

Group's seven subsidiaries: is engaged in industrial automation equipment, CNC machine tools, aluminum-plastic doors and windows processing line equipment, environmental protection equipment, all-aluminum smart home, computer software, hardware development and supporting equipment, chemical fiber raw materials products, import and export trade, investment and asset management of integrated enterprise groups.


Group based on entrepreneurial commanding heights, digestion and absorption of cutting-edge technology, research and development with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products, with various types of invention patents and utility model patents more than 100.

Group "adherence, development, innovation, truth-seeking, consolidation" of the plant policy, science and technology innovation as the driving force, backed by scientific management, to promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of enterprises, consistent adherence to the scientific concept of development, vigorously promote the adjustment of production, products, institutional structure, to achieve capital, technology and management. Determined to become a world-competitive, modern enterprise group.

Group adhere to: "people-oriented, science and technology first" development strategy, improve the overall scientific management model, improve the management system. In order to promote the development of the industry to improve the level of enterprise productivity, to achieve industry 4.0 and make new contributions.


Group subsidiary Jinan Lun Canal CNC Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd., has become one of the CNC aluminum plastic doors and windows processing pipeline equipment manufacturers, products sold in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, exported to the United States, Britain, Russia, South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other more than 70 countries and regions.